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Pictura Supply Inc is a wholesaler and manufacturer of blank and custom photo folders, frames and photo novelties used by event photographers both amateur and professional. Exclusive styles and custom configurations can be customized for any type of event or holiday. With our unique line of photo novelties, we serve different industries including: professional photographers, retailers, special event, schools and much more. Based in the New York City area, we ship our merchandise worldwide on a daily basis.For those unforgettable parties and celebrations…

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Our Story

In 1985 I took a summer job working for a unique photo imaging company in New York City. They built portable computer portrait systems that captured your photo instantly and, at the touch of a button, printed it out on computer paper. It printed x’s and o’s and dots with a dot matrix printer. They were low resolution but everyone loved them.

 I worked in customer service and took orders for supplies by phone from these system owners who needed computer paper and ribbons.  One day the boss loaded my car with a bunch of orders sent me to the Westchester County Fair.  When I unpacked the car, I saw that I actually had 6 individual orders.  Yes, there were 6 individual system owners set up at the same Fair, all doing the same thing. Capture print in a minute. Capture print in a minute. All the systems were busy spread throughout the Fairgrounds. All had long lines. People had never seen such technology before. It was then I knew that I wanted to join my new company for good and not be just a summer employee.

I dropped out of college and jumped on board a video/digital company using technology not taught in any college. I was part of being on a pioneering team.As sales of the ‘Computer Portrait Systems’ grew there was a growing-fast need for supplies and consumables. Soon we developed technology that allowed system owners to print and then heat-transfer pictures to t-shirts, puzzles calendars and much more.

Through hard work, good fortune and lots of creative juices flowing I was appointed operations manager and then vice-president. Over the coming decades technologies evolved and systems became more and more advanced. I will leave that story for another day. But one thing stayed True and a constant. People loved to have their photo taken knowing the print was just a minute away.  It was instant-gratification.

Combined with a growing catalog of products the business grew and grew. It became worldwide.Soon in stock were, posters, calendars, t-shirts, flex-flyer, puzzles, Ladies Nite Shirts, tote bags apron and more.  Poster and calendars were a huge success. Best sellers. We put out over 60 different artful designs with catchy sayings to make your instant photo gift extra special.

Shortly thereafter my wife Stephanie came on board. She was the Creative Director for an Advertising Agency in New York City and we needed her help to help us grow further.The designs we offered were best sellers. Along the way you may have seen some or even have a few. Posters with designs for Wanted (Old West), Double Trouble, Forever, Touch of Class, You and Me Forever, Too Hot to Handle and way way much more.

Our design team strived to have design and product to match any occasion.As the years moved on the need for Cardboard Photo Folders and Frames emerged. From basic blank folders to photo card frames with amazing designs just like the posters exploded. Stephanie led the team to develop an amazing array of photo product and designs that had universal appeal.

With our knowledge and experience Stephanie and I opened Pictura Supply Inc. in in 2013.

If you need help, advice, questions of any kind please give us a call at 347-475-0205.

Savor the moment!
Capture the Action!
Relive the Fun!

Chris and Stephanie