Our Story

Our Story

In 1985 I took a summer job working for a unique photo imaging company. They built portable computer portrait systems. These systems captured your photo instantly and, at the touch of a button, printed it out on computer paper. It printed x’s and o’s and dots with a dot matrix printer. They were low resolution but everyone loved them

Shortly thereafter I went to the Westchester County Fair in New York.  There I saw 6 individual system owners all doing the same thing. Capture print sell to customer. Capture print sell to customer. All the systems were busy spread throughout the Fairgrounds. All had long lines. People had never seen such technology before. It was then I knew that I wanted to join my new company for good and not be just a summer employee.

As sales of the ‘Computer Portrait Systems’ grew there was a growing-fast need for supplies and consumables. Soon we developed technology that allowed system owners to print and then heat-transfer pictures to t-shirts, puzzles calendars and much more.

Over the coming decades technologies evolved and systems became more and more advanced. But one thing stayed True and a constant. People loved to have their photo taken knowing the print was just a minute away.  It was instant-gratification.

As the years moved on the need for Cardboard Photo Folders and Frames emerged. From basic blank folders to photo card frames with amazing styles and designs.

With our knowledge and experience we opened Pictura Supply Inc. in 2013.

If you need help, advice, questions of any kind please give us a call at 347-475-0205.

Thank you for visiting and good luck at your next event.

Chris and Stephanie